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The vision of Magda and Damian Rosły is to provide a personal skincare program that helps with the daily stresses of life that men and women go through.

Krayna will help you build a personal skincare routine from formulations which are designed and crafted to work beautifully together based only on traditional plant-derived ingredients. We're vegan, cruelty-free and use locally grown ingredients that get results.

Krayna sources many of our ingredients from local sources, and with their guidance professionally prepare the ingredients for manufacturing in Poland.

Their goal has been to create a 100% vegan and organic series of products, in a world they know in the area of Krajna, a forested historical region in Poland close to where they were born. They decided to use its untainted potential and make cosmetics based on plants which grow there.

This is a Polish company known as KRAYNA with a large and successful local support that they now want to share internationally.

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    Water Pepper Cream Soothing multi-purpose cream A soothing cream with an innovative formula based on carefully selected natural ingredients. It improves the condition of the skin while maintaining its youthful appearance and glow. The selected cream composition will relax and hydrate dry skin and reduce sebum production and blackhead visibility in oily or...

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    Cornflower cream Firming anti-wrinkle cream A unique cream for special purposes. It gives your skin a regenerating and brightening boost and an anti-wrinkle effect. It soothes and regenerates chapped skin and restores the hydro-lipid barrier. The product moisturises the skin, inhibits inflammation, softens and nourishes the epidermis. It shows...

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