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Argalista products are made from carefully selected organically grown raw materials, without chemical preservatives or synthetic dyes. The main and basic ingredient is argan oil, which, despite modernization, is still produced by the most expensive method - by hand in local rural women's factories. They dedicated their work to continuing the traditional processing of argan oil, which makes Moroccan argan oil considered a world-class premium. The argan cores are ground to a thick brown paste using hand stone grinders, which are then mixed by adding water. The oil is then collected and separated from the paste by kneading.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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Natureal brings you natural ingredients and products made out of them from carefully selected producers from all over the world.

We have for you unique products. We believe in natural alternative to life and do not accept parabens, parfums and other synthetics in our cosmetics.  We fell in love with aromatherapy and all that Mother Nature offers us in its pure form. Our love to nature can be felt from what we have to offer to you.  Welcome and feel well during your visit. :)


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