Naturally Thinking - Baobab oil 100ml

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Naturally Thinking - Baobab oil 100ml

Baobab Seed oil is intensely rich and nourishing on the skin and hair. High in Vitamins A and F, two Vitamins that are vital to skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing


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Baobab is cold pressed from the seeds of the Baobab Tree. The Baobab tree is often referred to as the upside-down tree, growing to heights of 30meters, with trunks often 11m in diameter. Currently there are examples of the Baobab tree that are in excess of 1200 years old and is is believed the Baobab tree can live to 6000 years.

The Baobab stores water in it's trunk in case of draught, it can store up to 100,000 litres of water within the trunk to endure the harshest of draughts. The Baobab produces a velvety shelled fruit, approximately the size of a coconut, weighing around 1.5kg.

Skin benefits of Baobab Seed oil

The "Tree of Life" is exactly that for your skin. The oil is uniquely profiled with Antioxidant,s Vitamin A, D, E & F as well as Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty acids. Baobab oil is highly penetrating, making it perfect for intensive skin use, instantly softening dry skin. 

Hair benefits of Baobab Seed oil

Baobab is becoming increasingly used in haircare products, especially shampoo where in combination with the shampoo ingredients the Baobab penetrates the hair follicle to enrich it with moisture and improving elasticity whilst nourishing the scalp. The relatively light and highly penetrative nature of Baobab does not weight hair down. Baobab is very similar to Argan on the hair, without the weight associated with Argan.

Baobab Seed Oil Tips

Add Baobab to your Shampoo (around 1%) and experience the hair nourishing enjoyment. For intensive hair treatments wet hair and massage Baobab into your hair. Leave for 5 minutes and then lightly shampoo hair to remove excess oil. Repeat weekly.


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