Naturally Thinking - Cellulite Firm & Control Oil 300ml

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Naturally Thinking - Cellulite Firm & Control Oil 300ml

Anti-cellulite treatment with a unique combination of Omega oils to tone and control Cellulite

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Cellulite Firm & Control

An omega rich super skin food to firm and control; battling the flab and cellulite with rich natural ingredients combined to work to invigorate the skin and bodies natural cleansing mechanisms.

There is no magic fix to cellulite ~ a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will go a long way to helping maintain, if not improve your skins appearance. However, we can all do with a helping hand with our skins appearance and cellulite. Cellulite can be one of the most upsetting and embarrassing of all skin conditions. Our cellulite oil offers a natural approach to encourage the skins natural processes to help smooth and refine cellulite areas and let your body deal with cellulite naturally. We use some of the finest oils in our cellulite oil with Sea Buckthorn being at the root of the rich formula. We have a special Thai lemongrass oil which really helps with sluggish skin, kick starting your body into action and antioxidant Vitamin E helps protect.


The exotic and rich oils give cellulite oil its deep glow which glides over your skin and allows you enough time to massage it into the skin without saturating your skin.


Why it Works, The Ingredients

At Naturallythinking we are not ones for coming up with fancy names and trademarking them. Funny names like cellulopeptide™ are merely trademarked words for common chemicals and combinations of chemicals which mean nothing... simply a marketing gimmick. At Naturallythinking we only use Pure Ingredients which are rich in their natural Omega, Amino Acid, Vitamin and Mineral content. We combine these ingredients in a way to combine the molecules and structures of the oils in order to maximise the effect they have on your skin.

Why do we make a big deal about coldpressed oils? - What are they? Why does it matter?

We use coldpressed oils to maximise the properties of the oil. Coldpressed oils are extracted without the use of heat and are pulped from the plant / seed / nut, this is the equivalent buying an Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Supermarket. Coldpressing is obviously very time consuming and the amount extracted is not as great as with other methods, but the quality of the extracted oil is immense with the Omega, Mineral and Vitamin content still fully in-tact. We feel it is very important to use Cold Pressed oils in our skin treatment range as it is the very minerals and omegas found in the oils which contribute to the effectiveness of our skin treatment range.

Argan Oil

Argan oils is renowned for it blood circulation stimulating properties with natural moisturisation and has traditionally been used in Morocco.

Sea Buckthorn

A wonder oil and one of our favorite oils. Sea Buckthorn has one of the highest contents of Omega oils and Minerals which are essential for healthy and defined skin. 


Skin Suitability

All skin types

Application Directions

Massage into those areas you wish to firm and control vigorously and with strength. 



Active Ingredients

Sea BuckthornRosehipLemongrass,Sweet OrangeAlmondVitamin E

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