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    SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Repair Damage Care Treatment is one of the most popular Japanese brands around the world. Known for its high quality oils, tsubaki flowers are rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair. Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Treatment helps create smooth and shining texture in your hair, suiting all types...

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    Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Moist Treatment contains tsubaki oil and other moisturizing ingredients such as squalane to repair dry hair from the root. This Japanese hair treatment penetrates into the core of the hair to make it glossy, soft and shiny. It also seals moisture and repairs damage and breakage. Tsubaki oil is extracted by cold-pressing the...

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    Formulated with the brand's signature Tsubaki Camellia extract, this nourishing milk helps repair damage and protect hair from heat and dryness due to blow-drying. Nutrient-rich ingredients also come with UV protection to prevent further damage.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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