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Klairs is an award winning Korean brand that was founded back in 2009, that has a unique and uncomplicated view on skincare. Their products only contain the most important ingredients for optimal concentration.

Klairs goal is to create healthier, more resilient skin in a natural, effective way. They are first and foremost a brand for sensitive skin but also have products for all skin types.


Clean and carefully tested

Klairs create products with clean, effective natural ingredients, which have passed all necessary tests carried out at a laboratory specialised for skincare products. This ensures that the products do not contain components that may irritate sensitive skin.

High quality at affordable prices

Customers that choose Klairs can expect great skincare at good prices. Instead of spending money and resources on marketing, Klairs’ name has spread through word of mouth from consumer reviews and overall high customer satisfaction. This way they have been able to put more money towards testing their products.


Simple yet efficient

Our skin is affected and changes depending on the weather, seasons and our lifestyle. Klairs’ small but concentrated assortment is adaptable for each individual’s need and also every skin type. All products treat both temporary skin conditions but also encourage healthier skin over time.

Slow production - fast results

To create the best products takes time - and it should be allowed to. Klairs products only contain the best and most essential ingredients. “Filler” ingredients should not take up space over active ingredients. This way, a large range of products is unnecessary, it is the concentration of each product that is most vital.

Mild yet powerful products

Since the beginning, Klairs have always specialised and focused on extensive research on ingredients and raw materials for sensitive skin. Their products do not just improve the skin’s elasticity, it also immediately soothes irritated skin to make way for naturally strong, healthy and resilient skin.


  • Founded in 2009

  • Professional strength

  • Korean award-winning brand

  • Core anti-ageing philosophy

  • Skin "safe" ingredients minimizing irritation

  • Effective ingredients for optimal concentration

  • Focused on research for sensitive skin


Start by introducing one product at a time when switching to new skincare products. It takes approximately 2-8 weeks for the skin to acclimate to new products, and for you to see an improvement. Initially, you may experience worsening of the skin before it gets better; dryness, impurities and blemishes are common. This cleansing is normal and happens because the skin is wearing off the previous products. If you experience lasting discomfort, stop the treatment and contact one of our estheticians.


General contraindications for products containing active ingredients (e.g. AHA products):

  • If you are still using exfoliating products from a different line of products; stop using these 2 weeks prior to starting a new treatment.

  • Do not exfoliate on sunburned skin (red/irritated) or newly waxed skin.

  • Do not use if your are taking prescription medication for acne.

  • If you are using prescription medication for acne e.g. Roaccutane/isotretinoin, you should stop taking the medicine at least 6 months prior to using products with active ingredients.

  • If you are using topical creams to treat acne e.g. Aberela, Retinova, Zorac, Differin, you should stop using the product at least 2-3 months prior to exfoliating your skin.

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