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We try to dispatch your orders as soon as possible. All the products that are in stock (all that can be ordered) are expedited within 2-3 working days.


We are constantly improving our services and comfortable way of delivery. We guarantee you the following:

  • being informed about your order via SMS or email, at the day of delivery being informed about date of delivery 
  • cash on delivery is payable via cash or credit card
  • 2x delivery in case of absence at the address

Price for delivery is automatically calculated upon the order process based on the total weight of the order. 


Personal pick up 

Available after payment via PAYPAL, bank transfer or card payment. Your order will be ready within 24 hours from receiving the payment either in our showroom:

Natureal showroom, Piešťany, Tuzex Business Centre, A.Hlinku 113/a or Norma cafe (open also Saturday and Sunday, Mondays closed). 


GLS payment by card, transfer or Paypal 

Weight        0kg - 1kg          1kg - 2kg          2kg - 3kg        3kg - 5kg         5kg - 10kg

                   3.10€                  3.20€                3.40€               3.80€               4.00€  

GLS cash on delivery  -  +0,70€

Weight        0kg - 1kg          1kg - 2kg          2kg - 3kg        3kg - 5kg         5kg - 10kg

                   3.80€                  3.90€                4.10€               4.50€                4.70€ 



PACKETA  - delivery to pick up place / Z box

bank transfer, card payment, Paypal 

Weight         0kg - 5kg             5-10kg          

                   2.40€                   3.90€ 

cash on delivery 

Weight         0kg - 5kg             5-10kg          

                 3.00€                    4.40€    

Zone 1 -  Czech Republic, Hungary

GLS - bank transfer, card payment, Paypal 

Weight        0kg - 1kg          1kg - 2kg          2kg - 3kg        3kg - 5kg         5kg - 10kg

                   6.00€                 6.30€                  6.50€              7.00€                8.00€   

GLS - payment on delivery

Weight        0kg - 1kg          1kg - 2kg          2kg - 3kg        3kg - 5kg         5kg - 10kg

                   6.90€                  7.10€                7.30€               7.80€                8.40€ 

PACKETA - delivery to pick up places / Z-boxes 

bank transfer, card payment, Paypal

Weight 0kg - 5kg         5kg - 10kg          

                   3.00€                             5.00€       

cash on delivery

Weight 0kg - 5kg         5kg - 10kg          

                   4.00                              6.00€ 

PACKETA  - door to door delivery

bank transfer, card payment, Paypal 

Weight        0kg - 2kg         2kg - 5kg        5-10kg    

                   5.00€                  6.00€             8.00€     

payment at delivery

Weight        0kg - 2kg         2kg - 5kg        5-10kg    

                   6.00                  7.50€               9.00€ 


Our loyal customers receive 10% discount.  We give to our customers coupon upon their 1st order for their next purchase within 2 months. You can simply add the code upon the next order and discount of 10% will be applied for all goods that are not on sale yet. 

You can find your coupon in an email confirmation for your 1st order.  Coupons are automatic and once you delete your email, they can't be re-generated. However, you can easily find them in your customer account, if you have one. 


Shipping within Slovakia is free of charge for all orders over 50 eur and Czech Republic over 60 eur. 


Other EU countries - Paypal, bank transfer or card payment

For other EU countries free delivery over 50 EUR is not valid. 

Zone 2 - PL, AT, DE 

Weight         0kg - 1kg               1kg - 3kg             3kg - 5kg

                    15.00€ (incl VAT)       18.00€ (incl VAT)   20.00€ (incl VAT)  

Zone 3  - IT, FR, NL, BE, DK, SI, LU

Weight         0kg - 1kg                  1kg - 3kg             3kg - 5kg

                    18.00€ (incl VAT)         22.00€ (incl VAT)  25.00€ (incl VAT)

Zone 4 - RO, BG, EE, LT, LV, IR, ES, FI, PT, SE

Weight         0kg - 1kg                  1kg - 3kg             3kg - 5kg

                    22.00€ (incl VAT)       25.00€ (incl VAT)      30.00€ (incl VAT)

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Natureal brings you natural ingredients and products made out of them from carefully selected producers from all over the world.