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  • Glass

    Glass is the most environmental friendly packaging. Our products are the highest quality and are ideal for blending essential oils in a pure blend or for blending your essential oils in aromatherapy products... Go green!

  • PET

    High quality PET packaging from light and durable PET material. The difference from PVC is that PET is fully recyclable and recycles without chemicals penetrating to ground. PET packaging is from material visually very similar to glass with an advantage of light weight for transportation and durability purposes during everyday use.

  • Aluminium

    Aluminium jars and bottles add style to your products. They are very lightweight and durable. The containers are EPA (Epoxy Phenolic) coated with this special resin on the inside so the Aluminium will not come in direct contact with your emulsion. Aluminium also prevents light to come through the packaging and thus prolongs the life time of your products.


about naureal


Natureal brings you natural ingredients and products made out of them from carefully selected producers from all over the world.

We have for you unique products. We believe in natural alternative to life and do not accept parabens, parfums and other synthetics in our cosmetics.  We fell in love with aromatherapy and all that Mother Nature offers us in its pure form. Our love to nature can be felt from what we have to offer to you.  Welcome and feel well during your visit. :)