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General Terms and Conditions for
purchase in the e-shop Natureal
General provisions

Buyer confirming the binding order confirms that it accepts Trading conditions for the delivery of the goods declaration by the seller. Relations between the buyer and seller are governed by these Terms and Conditions, which are also binding on both parties.


We offer you the opportunity to purchase directly from your home where you can buy nonstop. You can order easily and conveniently using a shopping cart, e-mail or phone info@natureal.sk / +421905 733761

The contract only the goods listed in the sales contract - order. Dimensions, weight and other information listed on our website, catalogs, brochures and other printed materials are non-binding and data stemming from data producers. In case of discrepancies, of course, you will be contacted.

We are committed to our customers we will deliver only the goods in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications or features usual for the type of goods conforming to the norms, rules and regulations in force in the Slovak Republic.

Condition for the fulfillment of our electronic order the completion of all required data and particulars listed in the order form:



* Name and surname of the buyer (trade name of the buyer)
* Address of the buyer (buyer's seat)
* Type, quantity and price of goods
* Telephone and e-mail contact
* If the buyer is a legal person must be given in order to comment, company registration number, VAT payers out VAT number


The order is also a draft contract. The purchase contract is required to formally confirm the order seller. In some, especially low-cost intermediate cases, the seller reserves the right to create the best contract confirming your order personally, e-mail or telephone and financial advance payment by the buyer.

In the case when the maker ceases to supply the product ordered or will launch a new version of the product, or significantly modifies the price of the product seller has the right order after agreement with the buyer or to modify it unilaterally withdraw with immediate effect.

Order Confirmation

The order is accepted in 24 hours and its confirmation by the vendor becomes a purchase contract, which was concluded at a distance. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail and this information can also be found in the "My Account" after logging in to our site. The shipment will also be informed in this way. If in doubt, we will of course contact.
Order cancellation

The buyer has the right proposal for concluding a contract of sale set aside in electronic form (e-mail) at any time before confirmation of order by the seller, after confirmation only if the seller fails to comply with the terms and conditions of delivery. Other cancellation proposal, or a form other than e-mail the seller accepts. If the buyer cancels the order confirmed, the seller is liable for damages caused by this action (to prove costs such as customer service).

Shipping and handling


We deliver by Slovak Post. Details, costs and more info are in section Delivery terms.

Delivery time


In the event that the goods are in stock, it shipped the next business day. Delivery time is 2 to 14 working days, depending on the conditions of our delivery partners. During the days of leave (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays goods are not delivered. In the event that a product is not in stock and there will be a longer delivery time than 14 working days from order confirmation by the seller, we will contact you as soon as possible. The buyer in this case has the right to withdrawal.

Payment method


Payment of goods ordered is available in the following ways:
* Prepay for an account - account number and all data necessary for execution of payment you will receive e-mail.
* Cash - for personal goods receipt

Methods of payment the buyer shall determine the ordering process. Tax evidence quantifying the purchase price the buyer will receive an e-mail the date of despatch of goods by the seller. The original tax receipt can be requested by e-mail and will be sent to you by mail.

Exchange of goods

If necessary, you unopened, unused and undamaged goods exchanged for another type. Goods only sent by registered (no mail order) to our address. Costs associated with the exchange bears in full the purchaser.

Any complaint resolved to your satisfaction individual agreement with you in accordance with applicable law. The buyer is obliged to goods after receipt of view so as to identify any defects and damage. If the buyer in taking the goods reveals a difference in the quantity of goods or defects in the goods is obliged to write in taking the goods in process server registration. Any defects the buyer is obliged to immediately i.e. the date of receipt of goods to report to the seller. For defects caused by the shipping guarantees.

Procedure for complaint:
1) Tell us about the complaint by telephone, e-mail or in writing
2) send the goods as a recommended package (not on delivery) to our address
3) to state the reason for the claim of the consignment, your address
4) proof of entry of the goods advertised in our store. Will process your claim as quickly as possible, no later than 30 days from its formation on receipt of goods by our company. In the case of longer claims, we will as soon as possible inform the state claims.



If the buyer is a natural person, the purchase agreement has the character of a consumer contract which was concluded using a means of communication at a distance. Under § 1 of Act No. 12. 102/2000 Z. z. the Purchaser may without cause terminate the contract within 7 working days from the date of delivery.

Withdrawal must be made by e-mail or in writing, must contain all the elements that serve to identify the goods, the seller, buyer and withdrawal must be within 7 working days with the goods delivered to the residence of the seller to the buyer's risk and expense.

Goods shall not be used or damaged, it must be wrapped (undamaged packaging), complete and delivered to the seller. Goods must be sent by registered and insured shipment, please do not mail order goods will not be accepted. When all the above conditions for returning goods, you paid the purchase price or part of its goods'll transfer to a bank account and no later than 15 days from the date of termination. If the goods are returned to the seller in a non-intact, the seller is entitled to demand the entry of goods in original condition or withdraw without entitlement to reimbursement of the purchase price.

The buyer has the right to terminate the contract even if the date of delivery longer than 14 working days disagrees. Notice of withdrawal must be received by the seller in writing or electronically (e-mail) within 12 hours by e-mail notification of the seller, the delivery time will be longer than 14 working days. Later delivery of withdrawal or another as shown above by the seller accepts.
Cancellation penalties


The seller and the buyer agree to the following cancellation penalties associated with returning the goods to the seller because the buyer's side:

Each order in which the buyer does not, cancel the order for terms of trade (Part CANCELLATION OF AN ORDER) is binding, and therefore if the buyer does not assume the shipment (all arguments, the failure to items like "I have not received notification of receipt" are taken as a clear purpose and dealers are not acceptable) is obliged to pay the costs incurred to send in the amount of 5 EUR (postage, packaging, charge for return shipment) and a cancellation penalty of 5 EUR, because the buyer is obliged under § 370, § 447a § 365 Commercial Code. Z. take proper and timely delivery of goods from the seller, who ordered a mandatory for it to pay the agreed purchase price.

By submitting an order the buyer agree to our terms and conditions and cancellation penalty of 5 EUR in the case the failure to the item under a binding order.

Payment information necessary for payment of penalties will be sent electronically and in writing.

All outstanding debts (unpaid costs and cancellation penalties), will be enforced through the courts, including the costs involved such as: legal fees, costs of legal representation, bailiff costs and interest.
Final provisions

1.Company terms and conditions herein expressly modified, and any disputes arising from the failure of these conditions shall be governed by the Commercial Code.

2. Customer rights in relation to the seller arising from the Consumer Protection Act No. 634/1992 Coll. the amended legislation shall remain unaffected by these conditions.

3. The seller or buyer liable for delay in fulfilling its obligations under these conditions if such delay was caused by "force majeure" or circumstances precluding responsibility, and that party is entitled to a reasonable extension in fulfilling their obligations.
- Act. 428/2002 Z. z. Privacy.

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