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Kiku-Masamune is a famous sake brewery in Japan that was founded in 1659. After many many years of producing sake for consumption, they have released their very own range of cosmetics that are mainly produced using dry rice wine

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    Kikumasamune Sake Skin Care Essence is a beauty serum formulated with real Japanese sake to soothe, hydrate, smoothen and brighten skin. Kikumasamune is a traditional Japanese sake brewing company that launched a skincare brand with sake as the main ingredient.

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    Aging care lotion for firm, elastic and glossy skin. A lotion containing sake (fermented rice liquid and moisturizing ingredients) that moisturizes and conditions the skin. Amino acids with high moisturizing effect (glutamic acid, arginine, leucine), ceramide, and niacinamide are added.The thick liquid blends smoothly into areas where dryness and...

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